Books are an excellent way to explore topics in greater detail. We have listed several books that every parent or pastor should have in their library. Click on the picture of the book to be taken to for purchasing these helpful resources.

Gospel Legacy Cover


Parents and Churches need to partner to effectively reach the next generation for Christ, but that joint effort is often confusing. Dr. Klick explains how both parents and the organized church can accomplish the task.

Just released in May, 2015, Gospel Legacy will encourage parents, and also explain how this new church movement works in actual practice.



mark fox

“I wrote this book for several reasons. First, I wrote it because I believe it may give encouragement to families who are looking to be a part of a church that honors the family. Second, I believe it may give instruction to those who are looking to be a part of a new age-integrated church plant. Third, I believe it may be helpful to pastors or people in leadership in more traditional churches but who desire to help their church move towards an age-integrated model. Finally, I am praying the book will awaken a desire in some who read it and did not even know they wanted to be a part of an age-integrated church!” – J. Mark Fox




Mark Fox and Jeff Klick teamed up to drop the curtain on living the life of a pastor. Pastors and their families live in a unique fashion that many often do not understand. A Glimpse Behind the Calling will encourage pastors and those who desire to love and support them.

Both Mark and Jeff have been pastors for more than thirty years, so the book is practical, often humorous and always insightful.


A Faithful Man


A Faithful Man: Equipped to Lead as Prophet, Priest, Protector and Provider.The book is drawn from Mark’s own passion to be the man in his home that his family needs, and to help other men do the same. Starting with his own story of wanderings and failures, Mark leads the reader into a biblical and practical understanding of what it means to be a prophet, priest, protector and provider.



Icourage to fleef you are a parent or pastor, more than likely you will encounter problems involving sexual immorality. Our culture is saturated with it, and sadly, the church is not too far behind. Many fail to understand what is involved or how to overcome this huge problem. From pornography to immorality, we seem to be losing the battle.

Courage to Flee is now in its second edition and includes a helpful study guide for small groups. There is hope and this book will provide it.



real life moments

One of the most challenging things I have faced as the husband of one wife and the father of five boys and two girls is the same thing you have faced, no matter how many children you have. It is a constant challenge to be the husband and the father we are called by God to be and to give our wife and children what they need us to give. This book is designed to be read by the dad who is busy making a living at a job but does not want to overlook making a life at home. My hope is that each story will make you laugh or think or even cry, and that God will use this book to encourage you in your journey as a godly man.


next generation

Reaching the Next Generation is a journey through the Scripture and Church history. It is a quest to discover if there is anything that can stem the tide of young people rejecting their faith. All major studies reveal that the organized Church is losing the next generation in record numbers, yet She seems unable to find a solution to this tragedy. Perhaps the answers lie in an ancient place; one that is revealed within the pages of Scripture and practiced for thousands of years with success. Maybe the current methods need to be reconsidered. It is time for the pastors and leaders to rethink the failing programs and return to a more Biblical one. There are groups today that are retaining over 90% of their young people. What are they doing? How is it that they are succeeding? Read this book and then decide for yourself what needs to be done.


In The Master’s Handiwork, chapters are presented to help expand, renew and refine our thought process. Saturated with Biblical references, this book lays a multifaceted foundation to build a strong faith and life for Christ. From how to properly read and understand the Scripture, to wondering if Paul wore a toga, you will encounter many thought-provoking ideas and challenging concepts. As you read The Master’s Handiwork, you will be drawn closer to Christ. The Christian life is a journey full of pleasure and pain, but God is our Father and the Master Craftsman, and He does not make junk or mistakes. We are neither; we are His handiwork, and God is not finished with us yet, we are a work in progress that He will complete!



Every pastor or elder will encounter administrative issues and yet most lack training in these skills. From how to manage their time, to conduct a meeting, to dealing with conflict, most leaders are woefully undertrained.

Written as both a textbook and handbook, Pastoral Helmsmanship is a must have book for every pastor. Rapidly being adopted as the textbook of choice in seminaries, the book is practical, and easy to read. Written by three leaders (a pastor, professor and professional) with over a century of experience between them, the book is guaranteed to help.



Sadly, financial fraud is running rampant in the Body of Christ. Confessions of a Church Felon will help pull back the veil on why and how to defeat it!

In addition to the practical tools given throughout the book, a true, heartbreaking story underpins the harsh realities of dealing with this topic. Real quotes from the perpetrator and his co-workers are included to add depth and clarity to the problem of fraud.  Of course, the names are changed to protect the innocent, but the facts are real; so is the pain